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Republic of Gorasnaya

Date Founded

641 B.E.


2,000,000 as of 0 A.E.




Union of Independent Republics


Kobrut was a major city in the Republic of Gorasnaya. Originally founded during the early days of the Gorasni Empire, it began as a humble merchant town, surviving the eventual fall of the Empire as its own economic power strengthened while that of the empire to which it belonged crumbled. By the time the Republic of Gorasnaya was founded, Kobrut was already a major economic and industrial power, and was a major contributing factor in allowing the Republic to swell to the level of power and influence that it eventually did. During the Pendulum Wars, Kobrut was among the most heavily defended locations on all of Sera, as it was one of the largest centers of industry in the entire UIR, responsible for feeding a large portion of the Indie war machine across the Eastern Front.

After E-Day, however, and General Karn invaded Gorasnaya, Kobrut quickly became a prime target for the Locust, who sought to cripple the humans' capacity to wage war against them. When it was inevitably attacked, the Gorasni Army put up a valiant defense, but were ultimately crushed.

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