Modified Torque Bow
Production information

"Tampering" Tom




N/A - Only 1 Exists

Technical specifications

60 cm

Damage Per Hit
  • Bullet Damage: High
  • Melee Damage: High
Magazine Size

1 Arrow

Maximum Ammunition

15 Arrows

Fire Mode

Single Shot

Ammunition Type

Torque Arrow

Rate of Fire

Very Slow




400 Metres


Locust-Human War

  • Blackout of 2AE

Torque Bow




McCarrick's Marauders


Kurt's Torque Bow is actually a standard Torque Bow that has been modified by "Tampering" Tom to allow the Torque Arrows it holds to sit in the charge chamber for much longer than a standard Torque Bow. The standard Torque Bow holds an arrow charge for around 10 seconds before force-releasing it; this one can hold an arrow charge for well over 2 minutes.

Creation of the WeaponEdit

When Kurt first arrived at Pithodi with his large stash of 3 Torque Bows, and copious amount of ammo, he ended up storing almost all of it in his house, completely taking up a bedroom. During his repeated attempts to modify a Torque Bow, he was approached by "Tampering" Tom, who offered to assist him. Kurt accepted Toms offer, and the two began to tear apart and rebuild the 3 Torque Bows that Kurt had arrived with. Tom left one Torque Bow untouched, to serve as a guide for the basic mechanics; the other 2 were used in the creation of Kurt's Torque Bow.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the WeaponEdit


  • The weapon allows for a full charge to last for several minutes, giving more time to aim, and more time to adjust position if necessary.
  • The weapon can be stored even while fully charged, but will fire automatically if the time limit is reached.


  • The weapons modified charging chamber is now almost impossible to load, due to the many modifications that Tom preformed on it. A normal Torque Bow takes around 2 seconds to properly load. This one takes almost 10 (though Kurt is improving in his reload time, he has managed to work it down to a semi-reasonable 5 seconds).
  • There is only ONE of this weapon in existence, and only "Tampering" Tom knows how it was created and the exact specs for the weapons modifications: if this weapon is destroyed, only Tom can fix it.

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