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Kylie Amber
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17 B.E

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COG, Gear

"A woman has a solution to everything without violence" (Amber - 1:3 Franklins Stranded Camp)

Biography Edit

Little is known about Amber and her past, it is thought that she had been discovered weak and starving along with her daughter Kaylee by a gear squad. She is best friends with Anya Stroud whom have known each other since school. Amber has a dream of being a musician however this has been destroyed due to the Locust-Human war, Amber is currently fighting along with the Delta squad and her daughter Kaylee.

Amber and her daughter Kaylee are what is known to humans as Vampires, they have betrayed their own coven by refusing to accept the alliance with the Locust. They can never return to the kingdom otherwise they would both be killed on sight.

Personality, Traits and Appearance Edit

Amber is hardly described in the story, however she has brunnette hair and emerald green eyes, she has a 1920's to 1940's style about her and she is quite old-fashioned. She is very clever and has a talent of being able to tell when someone is lying. She takes care of Kaylee and tries to avoid being seperated from her when the squad has to split up, however sometimes this isn't possible so she would threaten whoever is in charge that they will look after her, or else they would never see the light of day, thankfully this hasn't happened. Yet.

Powers, Abilities and Weaknesses Edit

Amber as said above has the talent to tell when someone is lying, however there is an exception. Her daughter Kaylee who has the ability to lie and get away with it. Amber can also change her age (although she can never age naturally due to her condition) to any age she wants I.e she can turn herself into a four year old which is a bit like a shapeshifter however unlike a shapeshifter, she cannot morph her appearance to match anyone else, so she would change her age and she would look just as she had when she was four. She also has what every normal vampire has which is infinite sense of smell, super strength and speed.

However there is an ironic downside to this... She hate rollarcoasters and anything that goes fast, and she has a weakness for good-looking human men.

Trivia Edit

  • Amber is the author's middle name.
  • Libbybaloo is a huge fan of Kylie, when thinking of a name for the main character, Kylie was the first to spring into mind.

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