Legacy Squad
Unit Background

Special combat assault, makeshift Commandos



Unit Motto

"Honor the Fallen."

Unit size


Subordinate Units

26th Royal Tyran Infantry


Michael Anderson

Current Status

Missing or lost


Legacy Squad, sometimes referred to as Lima Squad, was a Coalition of Ordered Governments infantry squad during the Pendulum wars, Locust War, and Lambent Pandemic. Legacy was led by Michael after the death of Staff Sergeant Joseph Yeang on E-Day.


Aspho Fields Edit

After Charlie company landed north of Aspho Point during a diversion attack, Legacy Squad was ordered to defend Dryphon Pass, a small Valley between two cliffs, North of the landing sight. During the opening engagment, Grif used a Longspear RPG to disable a UIR heavy tank, effectively blocking the pass. At some point, Legacy ran out of ammunition, just as UIR engineers moved up to repair the tank, forcing Sergeant Yeang to order a bayonet charge across open ground, killing the engineers and capturing the tank. They managed to destroy 2-3 enemy tanks before their main gun was disabled by a mortar, forcing the UIR forces to temporarily retreat. Sergeant Yeang's attempts at contacting Charlie-X-ray failed, leaving him to believe the company had been destroyed. The squad proceeded to hold position and repulse attack after attack. Several hours into the night, Sergeant Yeang managed to establish contact with SR-4465 from the ship CNV Kalona. The Sea Raven rushed to save Legacy Squad, the Raven was hit by heavy AA fire, forcing them down for repairs as Legacy Squad held off UIR infantry in hand to hand combat. After several minutes of intense close quarters combat, SR-4465 was able to rescue the squad and return to the CNV Kalona as heroes. For Legacy Squad's heroism in close combat with the enemy, the squad was awarded the Embry Star as a whole, and a recommendation to Onyx training.


"Titan X-Ray this is Charlie-Lima-One, requesting urgent med-evac. We were engaged by an unidentified threat, wait one... Frago that, the only survivor from Bravo Two-Three killed himself, out."
— Sgt. Joseph Yeang

Legacy Squad was performing live fire maneuvers in a training ground near the city of Jannermont when the first E-Holes were sited. In the early morning, the squad recieved a garbled distress signal from Bravo Two-Three. By the time Legacy arrived, Bravo Two-Three had disappeared with signs of a heavy firefight present, and a large hole could be seen. The squad proceeded down the hole, tying grapple hooks to a nearby tree.

Halvo Bay Edit

Legacy participated during the battle.

Team Composition Edit



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