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A StandDownOrBeShocked
M982 Sound Propelling Rifle
Production information

Sound/Supersonic Rifle

Technical specifications
Damage Per Hit

Unknown, Exerts Sound Propelling Sonic Boom

Magazine Size

Contains Battery charged Engine, exerts 200 shots per charge, charge is 30 minutes for each charge.

Maximum Ammunition

200 Shots, Battery Powered Engine

Ammunition Type

Battery Powered Engine, Sonic Boom


Began Service 14 Years After E-Day, hasn't ended Service yet.

Rate of Fire

1 shot per two seconds.


Within range of 400 Yards, extremely accurate, after, Sonic Boom dissipates


400 Yards for accuracy, 700 maximum.


Human-Locust War




None Known


Coalition of Ordered Governments

The M982 Sound Propelling Rifle, also known as the M982 Sonic[1] Rifle, is a Supersonic/Sound Propelling Rifle, used by the 'Coalition of Ordered Governments, or the COGs.


This rifle uses a highly concentrated Supersonic Blast, created a very loud sound, and sending the opponent back, or even tearing a hole in it. The rifle concentrates a supersonic blast, using a battery powered engine, utilizing the same technology an F22 Raptor uses, but miniaturized, and concentrated.

The boom sends out a shockingly loud sound, in the form of a loud shriek, similar to other[2]sounds, and sends a powerful wave of energy to the opponent. This will usually blow them into pieces, but has been known to be able to be deflected by the most simple of technology, a Boomshield.

The weapon can fire two-hundred shots per charge, which takes about 30 minutes. Within a range of 400 yards, this is a lethal weapon, but above that, the charged blast will dissipate, leaving only a stunning blast.

Other ImagesEdit

A ChargingVisible

An inactive rifle, with a manual charging wheel, and no stock.

A Buttstock

Another rifle, with an added wooden butt-stock.


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  2. Iron Man, Repulsor Blast Sounds, Industrial Light and Magic, Iron Man Movie, 2008

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