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MT-56 Okat
T-62 finished header
ManufacturerGodiva Armorwerks
TypeMedium Tank
Maximum Speed35 kph
Armament115mm Krak gun
Role[s]Breakthrough Medium Tank
  • T-56M ModOkat
  • T-56E ExpOkat
Entered ServiceMid-Late Pendulum Wars

Named after a ferocious big cat, the MT-56 Okat was a Medium Tank designed in Gosnossau. It was an effective replacement for the MT-44, and served with several overseas deployments of the Gosnossau Marines. The MT-56 would also find service both in less developed UIR states, as well as by their COG controlled successor states, particularly due to the capturing of the T-56E export variant factory in Jaunus. They would continue to see service both in the still rebellious and cut off Gosnossau and the COG during E-day and afterwards, albeit with most of the COG's stock quickly being destroyed, and a majority of Gosnossau's Okats replaced by the newer tank variants wherever possible.

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