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Majosa was a mid-sized town located in central Tyrus. During the Pendulum Wars, the town's main source of income was the government operated weapons factory located near the center of town. This factory, continuously retooled for new weapons, would remain a staple of Majosa for the rest of its existence. Unfortunately, this same factory would eventually spell doom for the town and its inhabitants.

Even though it was spared on Emergence Day, the Locust eventually set their sights on the town in 4 A.E., using the vibrations given off by the Fabricators utilized in the factory as a homing beacon. Defended only by a few dozen Gears, the town was eventually lost, but not before the defenders set fire to the factory, attempting to deny the Locust access to the advanced technology. Though both sides thought the factory and its Fabricators destroyed, they actually survived thanks to a storm that blew through several hours after the battle ended. One of these Fabricators would be recovered more than a decade later after the Sinking of Jacinto by some of the same Gears that had defended it.

Some time after the destruction of the Locust and Lambent, the inhabitants of Clayvale declared themselves an independent state and head of the Confederation of Ordered Governments. The New COG began establishing a presence in numerous cities, rebuilding them and convincing their surviving populations to join them, Majosa included. The factory was restored and expanded to include armor and other equipment, and its Fabricators were repaired, turning Majosa into a strategical important location. As such, in addition to its own meager defensive force, the 27th Clayvale Infantry regiment is garrisoned inside the town for its protection.

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