Mako Worldsear was a Commander in the C.O.G army of the planet Sera

History of his life Edit

in the year 2 B.E there was once a mother (who was a widow) named Susanna Worldsear who gave birth to a son and she did not know that he was going to become a great commander

But one day in 3 B.E his mother died from a stomach virus so his grandmother had to put him in a orphange named David's House for the Orphans were he would'nt grow up being homeless with no food or clothes for him to survive

Joining the Army Edit

When Mako was 21 he joined the C.O.G army since he so in to Military after that they gave him his uniform and his helmet and he had began his military job in the next few days he really enjoyed being in the military

The next few days he began his military training but after a few days he was bullied by the other troopers of the army when he was in the Mess Hall of the military base

After being bullied he returned to his bed and cryed for over 2 hours after being bullied

Emergance Day Edit

After the few years in the army he justed got his Commander rank he was so proud and he knew that his mother was happy in heaven

Few days later after doing officer training

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