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Marshall W. Hill
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

13 B.E.

Date of Death

3 A.E.

Physical Characteristics
Eye Color


Hair Color


Skin Color



5' 7


154 lbs





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information



COG body armor




Private Marshall Hill (COG tags CSID 84VTW9-83Y59-VQ) was a Gear who fought during the Locust War and was killed during the Destruction of Port Dinard.


Early LifeEdit

Born in 13 B.E., in the city of Port Dinard, Hill was raised by his parents in one of several middle-class neighborhoods. His mother, a baker, and father, an ex-Gear, both did all they could to provide for themselves and their son in an attempt to make certain that he would not have to fight in the Pendulum Wars. Luckily for them, the war ended while he was thirteen years old, unfortunately, only six weeks later, the Locust Horde emerged in most of Sera's major cities, slaughtering millions in the first twenty six hours. Even though Port Dinard was not attacked, his father was forced back into military service were he would be killed during the Battle of Andius a year later, shortly before the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack.

Locust WarEdit

Destruction of Port DinardEdit

While the city was not targeted during the Counterattack, it was still in danger of being attacked by the Locust, and only a few weeks after his sixteenth birthday, they finally broke through. Having just become old enough for service, he was drafted along with numerous others and only given rudimentary training with firearms before being sent out to battle. Assigned to Sierra-Two Forty One, he managed to survive for several days as the Locust continued to push further into the city. Even after the Locust had destroyed his neighborhood and killed his mother, he continued fighting, unfortunately, while patrolling around on of the warehouses on the coast, he and his squad were attacked by several Serapedes, one of which bit him, paralyzing him and dragging him down to its nest, where his paralyzed, but still living, body was used as an incubator for its eggs. When they hatched, the baby Serapedes killed and ate him.

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