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Martizieu was a major city on Sera and the capital of the nation of Eslaria. Founded as a small village in Seran antiquity, Martizieu would eventually grow into one of the largest cities on the planet, supporting a population of over four million before Emergence Day. After E-Day, its population was devastated, with only a few hundred thousand surviving. After its evacuation, it was quickly abandoned by Locust forces who continued their rampage across Eslaria, thus sparing it from the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack in 1 A.E. It would remain mostly abandoned for the next sixteen years, populated only by a few dozen Stranded camps.

After the Imulsion Countermeasure was activated in 17 A.E., wiping out both the Locust Horde and Lambent, surviving Eslarins began to group together in their former capital, slowly rebuilding it and repopulating. Sometime later, the city of Clayvale declared itself independent of the restored COG, forming a Confederation of Ordered Governments. Clayvale began sending out diplomatic envoys to various cities around the planet to try and gain allies and new members, including the inhabitants of Martizieu, offering them the schematics for Fabricators to assist them in rebuilding. Despite this, the Eslarians were wary of both governments and refused to join; however, the more diplomatic ways of the New COG eventually paid off as the leaders of Martizieu eventually entered into an agreement with them. The New COG would provide desperately needed building materials and military equipment for their growing armed forces, while the Martizians would provide food and assistance in armed conflicts.

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