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Michael Joshua Callihan
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

45 BE

Marital Status


  • Father-Joshua Callahan
  • Mother-Alicia Callahan
  • Sister-Angel Callahan
Physical Characteristics



230 Lbs





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information




Early LifeEdit

Born in the Kingdom of Tyrus on September 11, 45 BE, Michael was raised by his mother and father in the city of Ephyra. His father was a COG Intelligence Officer and his mother a teacher at Ephyra High School. In 40 BE, his father was forced into combat service after his outpost came under attack by UIR Forces, they pushed back, and won however his father had to be hospitalized and his leg amputated. However, his valor at the battle was rewarded with a promotion, and was sent to COG High Command, where he was closer to his family. On the occasion, Michael was allowed into HighCom, where he began to take interest in joining the military.

When Michael was 14, he and his sister were robbed at gunpoint, his sister was kidnapped and Michael was beaten badly. A month after the incident, police found Angel, beaten but alive. This made Michael bitter, that people such as the robbers still existed. At 18, he joined the Ephyra Guards, and quickly rose in ranks. At 20 however, he left the police force for a new life, he enlisted in the Coalition Army as the Pendulum Wars began to enter the final stages.


Battle of Kitalla PointEdit

Battle of Kaisl SquareEdit

Battle of HorinEdit

Human-Locust WarEdit

Battle of Alsi FieldsEdit

Operation Hollow StormEdit


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