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Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Before E-Day

Physical Characteristics

Unknown, atleast the size of three Kryll

Miscellaneous Information

Active (presumed)


"The Kryll are savages, yet the Humans still do not see them as the main threat at night. Thankfully, the broodmother Mirranka proves them wrong."
— Queen Myyrah on Mirranka

Mirranka (often reffered to as Blackclaw or the Kryll's mother) is a female Kryll. As such, she is much larger than normal Kryll. She is often named as the Kryll's mother due to the fact she had given birth to over three hundred Kryll in her lifetime. She was present during the story Gears of War: Darkness, her fate during and/or after the events of the story are to be determined.

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