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Biographical Information
Physical Characteristics


Miscellaneous Information

Theron Sentinel (formerly)


Battlefield commander


Theron armor


Transformed into a Scion


Morgug was a high-ranking Theron Sentinel who served as a lieutenant to fellow Sentinel and later General Gornuk. Late in the war, it was decided that Morgug was to receive the Queen's Blessing should General Gornuk ever fall in battle. While Gornuk eventually did fall at the hands of Lieutenant Colin Davis, the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon was fired shortly after, seemingly killing the remaining Locust and preventing Morgug from receiving the Blessing.

In 42 A.E., however, Morgug awoke in a Locust mass burial site near Timgad, close to the site of the Lightmass Bombing. There he tracked down and recovered the remains of the handheld Troika of the infamous General RAAM, restoring it to its former glory. Holding his trophy weapon over his fellow Scions, Morgug declared himself The Spectre, the reincarnation of RAAM.

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