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Biographical Information
Physical Characteristics
Miscellaneous Information
Theron Guard
Biographical information
Date of birth

Unknown; Before Emergence Day

Date of death

Unknown; Presumably when Adam Fenix activated his weapon

Physical description

4th in Command







  • Heavy Armor
  • Hydra
  • Bloodmount
Eye color


Chronological and political information
Notable Facts
  • One of the only Locust to survive the entire war with the humans, until the ultimate death of the Horde and the Lambent
  • If Skorge were to be killed, and the Inner Hollows weren't flooded, Mrar would be the highest military leader.
  • Wore specialized armor that could protect him from most COG weaponry
"You will not sssucceed."
— Mrar, encountering Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad for the very first time

Mrar was a silent, and bloodthirsty Theron Guard, and was one of the highest ranks in the Locust Military. He wore heavy armor that could shield him completely from most of the weapons in the COG arsenal for a moderate period of time. In addition to the traditional Torque Bow, he also weilded a Hammerburst, Frag Grenades, a Boltok Pistol, and a large sword that was similar to RAAM. His specific fate is unknown, but it is assumed that he died along with the rest of the Locust when Adam Fenix detonated his weapon. Although Mrar was powerful, he was not invincible. Mrar was extremely susceotible to headshots. His specialized armor was made of highly inflammable material, so the Scorcher could be used to devastating effect against him.

Theron On Hydra

Mrar, escaping the destruction of the Lightmass bomb on his Hydra.


Early days in the fieldEdit

Even on Emergence Day, Mrar was a high ranking Theron, leading a particularly large group of drones. The Locust easily overtook the humans, with thousands falling to Mrar. As the war progressed, the COG became more resistant, and more of a threat to the Locust. On a small mission shortly before the Battle for Ephyra Mrar and a small group of drones were scouting the area for clues on what the humans were planning to do next. Little did they know that snipers were planted on the roofs of the buildings that they were passing. All of the drones that Mrar brought with him were easily killed, with Mrar being the only one left. He killed one sniper with his Torque Bow, right before his protective helmet was shot off. Enraged at having one of his own creations destroyed, and at the death of his squad,

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