Non-Canonical Fiction, also known as Non-Canon Friendly or NCF, is a type of AlternateUniverse fanfiction that (obviously) breaks preestablished canon. This could be as simple as overstepping a basic rule of the universe (ex. creating a ten-year-old gear) or as complicated as completely warping the timeline (ex. What if a squad other than Delta Squad deployed the Lightmass Bomb in the first game?). Some fiction is rendered NCF by later canon works, though it was not NCF at the time it was created.

Please note that there is nothing inherently wrong with NCF and AlternateUniverse fanfiction. However, Gears Fanon has a strict policy on NCF, as outlined here:

  • NCF posts – NCF, or Non-Canonical Fiction, is permitted on this wiki with a condition: It must be appropriately disclaimed or it is grounds for immediate deletion. This was a compromise between ODST Joshie, who wanted no NCF, and Screennameless, who felt it should be allowed. The disclaimer is non-negotiable.

So please feel free to post your NCF! Just remember to disclaim it, or Joshie will rip you a new asshole.

It's worth noting that Gears of War:Reconnoiter, a respected fanfiction that has won FOTM, has been rendered NCF by Jacinto's Remnant. Remember, NCF is not always bad.

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