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Nanikawa was a Seran nation which occupied the Peninsula of Nanikawa. Mostly isolated from the rest of its continent's peoples by a vast, inhospitable mountain range, Nanikawa was traditionally known for its considerably different culture from the majority of Sera.

During the Pendulum Wars, Nanikawa formally aligned itself with the Union of Independent Republics. Despite this, Nanikawa did not directly contribute all that heavily to the UIR war effort, instead providing funding, manufacturing, and materials in exchange for Imulsion. Because of this, it was of little surprise when Nanikawa had few objections to signing an armistice treaty with the COG, as it had little stake in the war for the most part.

When the Locust attacked Sera on Emergence Day, Nanikawa was mostly spared due to a particular geologic peculiarity: most of the peninsula did not connect to the sea floor directly, and thus the Locust had difficulty digging tunnels to reach Nanikawa. Because of this, Nanikawa was hailed as being safe from Locust attack, despite expert opinions warning that unlike the seemingly impenetrable Jacinto Plateau, Nanikawa could, given time, be easily penetrated if the Locust were able to expand the Outer Hollow to reach the peninsula. However, the Nanikawan political elite censored this information while using taxpayer money to fund the COG's construction of a secret sanctum on the island of Azura.

In 7 A.E., the Locust finally breached the peninsula, invading Nanikawa in force. The COG sent forces to aid Nanikawa, supposedly in the interests of "preserving a potential bastion of safety", although this was simply a cover so that the Onyx Guard could smuggle the Nanikawan elite away to Azura. Nanikawa was eventually destroyed, with the Locust sinking the entire peninsula into the sea, killing millions.

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