The national grub hunting association or the N.G.H.A as they prefer to be called are a large group of stranded and gear hunting addicts that have found a creative way of taking there anger out on grubs while remaining safe and feeding the dogs at the same time. wretches and tickers are highly used in the hunting games as the can be easily caught with the creative use of a net a gear and a pair of quick hands capable of disarming a tickers bomb.

there are two types of games the N.G.H.A play the first one is a game that can involve any number of dogs and tickers you can muster. each ticker has a number and it is set free onto a field while being chased by a pack of starving dogs and the ticker that survives the longest wins.

the second game involves a wretch or ticker and people with rifles, the ticker or wretch is set free and is then shot at until someone manages to kill it.

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