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Naval Special Combatant Force (NSCF)
Unit information

Special Operations Forces


Bastion Special Operations Command

Part of

Naval Special Operations Command

  • Maritime special operations
  • Littoral special operations
  • Spaceborne special operations
    • Counterterrorism / Counterinsurgency
    • Direct action / Asymmetric warfare
    • Special Reconnaissance
Alternate names
  • 2nd Special Operations Battalion (Naval)
  • Orbital Battle Force (OBF)

"Hell Divers"


Less than 1000 operators

Personnel information
Notable members
Historial information
Current Status

Active (10 A.E.)

The Naval Special Combatant Force (NSCF), formerly known as the 2nd Special Operations Battalion (Naval) and the Orbital Battle Force (OBF), was a versatile special operations force of the Bastion Confederacy and its successor, the Coalition of Ordered Governments. A special warfare group attached to the Naval Special Operations Command, the Special Combatant Force was an elite unit specifically designed to operate in maritime, littoral, and spaceborne environments.


During the pitched Pendulum Wars, the tremendous success of the Special Airborne Group, an Army special forces unit, would encourage the Bastion Navy to seek its own special missions unit for high-risk operations. A small-scale experimental element, the 2nd Special Operations Battalion (Naval), was be authorized for deployment by the Bastion Special Operations Command.

Following in the footsteps of the Special Airborne Group, the Navy's experimental special forces group would earn unique successes in an unexpected and previously unexplored tactical environment; the ocean. Operating in both "deep" maritime and "close" littoral environments, Navy commandos would perform close-in shore reconnaissance in preparation for shoreline assaults, and also infiltrating hostile shores. Whereas traditional surface warfare was performed by armies invading by land, the 2nd Special Operations Battalion (Naval) would demonstrate that it was feasible for infantry to attack countries by sea, completely bypassing land-based defenses and directly assaulting poorly-defended sectors, causing mass panic and confusion amongst the bypassed defenders.

A string of lucrative victories would lead to the formalization and consolidation of the 2nd Special Operations Battalion (Naval) to the Naval Special Combatant Force (NSCF).

Under the tenure of the NSCF, Navy special warfare units would begin to explore new tactics of assault, investigating the feasibility of spaceborne and riverine assaults. With highly dramatic aplomb, the Special Combatant Force would utilize low-orbit "spaceplanes" to hot-drop small infantry teams anywhere on Sera within several hours, extending the Bastion's power projection and making any place on Sera literally vulnerable to the Navy's commandos. The Special Combatant Force would earn global infamy, threatening all Seran countries with the omnipresent risk of a commando strike from space. This would earn the NSCF another moniker, the Orbital Battle Force (OBF) component of the Bastion Special Operations Command.

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