Kantus freestyle

Neka De Penk

Neka De Penk, The Kantus Assasin of the ages, a distant ancestor of The Royale Family.


Neka was one of the most feared and hated Kantus' of all time. He grew up learning about stealth and the ways of the Assasins. He respected the Kantus Gods and joined the Locust army.


Neka is unlike the rest of the Royales; learning the ways of stealth and that all enemies must be respected. He was always quiet, never one to speak his mind, and often contradicted his family by reminding them that the COG were their enemies and we must remember that we are also enemies to them.


Neka died try to assasinate the COG soldier, Dom Santiago. He confronted Dom, explaining that things must die and he wished to end his life with respect and dignity. Dom opened fire, with Neka throwing his throwing chainsaw knifes at him. One hit him in the shoulder and Dom reacted violently. He launched himself at Neka firing his pistol into his chest. Dom was about to finish him off but stopped. He realised that Neka had not meant to cause him loads of harm, and returned the favour. "I'm sorry my locust counter-part, but you would've done the same. Rest in Peace." whispered Dom. Neka laughed, then died.

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