Lt Nolan Kantorek (1)
Nolan Kantorek
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

B.E. 25

Date of Death

A.E. 57

Marital Status


Physical Characteristics






Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information

1st. Lieutenant


Rifleman, Engineer, Squad Leader


Mk 1 Lancer Assault Rifle

Mk 2 Lancer Assault Rifle

Gnasher Shotgun

Boltok Pistol

Incendiary Grenade


Cog Armor


3 B.E. - Battle of Aspho Fields

5 A.E. - The Fall of Landown

10 A.E. - The Battle of Ephyra

14 A.E. - The Lightmass Offensive

15 A.E. - Operation Hollow Storm

15 A.E. - The Siege of Nexus

16 A.E. - Battle of Anvil Gate


COG Army




"You have to lose to know how to win." -Nolan Kantorek after The Fall of Landown

Biography Edit

1st. Lt Nolan Kantorek is the squad leader of Echo Three. Nolan grew up in Ephyra and was the son of a mechanic. Nolan always had an affinity for machines and loved to customize any mechanical things he could get his hands on. He spent much of his young life working with his father until he turned 18. After he graduated high school he enrolled at Oracle Academy and graduated when he was 22 with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

He first saw action when he lead Echo Three which was then comprised of him, Pfc. Bernard Fischer, Cpl. Flynn Rider, Pvt. Axton Porter, Pvt. Carter McDermott. Cpl. Rider and Pvt. Axton were killed in action and he still blames himself for their deaths to this day. He went on to fight throughout the entire Locust War and Lambent Wars.

Personality and Traits Edit

Nolan is a great leader but he suffers from Survivor's Guilt as he blames himself for the deaths of his men which includes Cpl. Flynn Rider, Pvt. Axton Porter, Pvt. Conrad Krischner, Pvt. Tim Lee, Pvt. Johnathan Marchese, and Pvt. Garry Laughner.

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