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Chapter One Edit

"RUN!" "I'M RUNNING!" To the Gears who were running, fighting Locust was not number one on their list.

"Help me!" squeaked PFC-1st Class Daniel Jenkins, otherwise known as Junior by the members of Pi Squad, as a grub reached down, and yanked him up by the neck. The others turned to look. Junior was hitting the Locust. Actually, a better term for what Junior was doing would be slapping him gently. Very brave for Junior.

"Captain, we gotta help him!" yelled out Private Barkley from behind the safety of a large Chevy. While his voice could yell, Berkley's courage was often lacking.

"Why?" Captain Smith, gruff as ever (as well as insane from fighting Locust since he was a todler) replied, "Junior seems to be able to handle that grub himself."

"He's not handling that grub himself!" Barkley yelled back, "it's choking him, look!"

Smith shook his head. "I do not need to turn around to justify your silly fantasies, Barkley."

"This isn't a fantasy, sir!" choked Junior from his position, "and I think I just wet my pants!"

"Great gravy," Smith yelled as he turned around, "that grub's choking Junior! Why didn't you tell me, Barkley? You just can't be depended on."

"Don't ask, don't tell," was Barkley's retort as Smith went to rescue Junior.

Chapter Two Edit

The Raven circled over the Coalition of Ordered Government's HQ with the grace of a half-drunk dancer. And it looked about as nice too.

Several Gears ran out of the landing pad toward it. To be Continued

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