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Olrak Vir Salgorak
Biographical Information
Date of Death

15 A.E.

Physical Characteristics



6 feet, 5 inches (unarmored)



Miscellaneous Information

Torque Bow, Hammerburst assault rifle, Hammerburst II battle rifle, several salvaged Mark 2 Lancer assault rifles, at least one salvaged Gnasher Shotgun and one salvaged Snub Pistol, Elite Sawn-Off Shotgun, Boltok Revolver, Gorgon Machine Pistol, combat knife


Theron armor


Killed in the Sinking of Jacinto


Olrak Vir Salgorak was a Theron Sentinel who served in the Lambent-Locust War and the Locust War. A veteran member of the Theron Guard, Olrak had proven himself extensively as an exceptional commando and battlefield commander. Olrak was utterly brutal in his methodology, never showing his foes even the slightest bit of mercy, and taking sadistic pleasure in slaughtering them in horrifying ways.

Unlike most Therons, Olrak preferred the Hammerburst or the Seran Mark 2 Lancer to the Torque Bow, though he was still much more skilled with the Torque Bow than he was with any other weapon.

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