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Operation: Emergence


Battle of Jek Hills


Battle of Overul City

Operation: Blockade

Locust-Human War


17th of the 5th month 6 AE-19th of the 10th month 6AE


Several places sorrounding Jacinto Platou


Locust Victory


Locust Horde

Coalition of Ordered Goverments

  • Corpser Huykj Jikliok (head of Tunnel invasion)
  • General RAAM
  • Queen Myraah
  • Skorge
  • Marcus Fenix
  • Colonel Hoffman
  • Richard Prescott
  • Minh Yun Kim
  • Anya Stroud
  • Jennifer Hellentire (Deceased)
  • 250 Corpsers
  • 2000 Drone and Boomer Force
  • 100 Berserkers
  • 200 Brumaks
  • 1500 Wretches
  • 125 COG Soldiers
  • Killed:
  • 60 Corpsers
  • 12 Berserkers
  • 789 Wretches
  • 987 Drone and Boomer Forces
  • Wounded:
  • 234 Drone and Boomer Forces
  • 895 Wretches
  • 19 Berserkers
  • 17 Corpsers
  • Killed:
  • 67 COG soldiers
  • 289 Civilians
  • 178 Stranded Forces
  • Wounded:
  • 289 COG soldiers
  • 89 Civilians

Operation: Blockade was an Operation performed by the Coalition of Ordered Goverments (COG) against oncoming Locust forces. The Locust Forces eventually defeated the COG forces defending certain invasion points. This defeat cost the COG loss of enough land that the Locust were only 75 miles away from Jacinto Plateau. However, part of this land was reclaimed by the COG before the attack on Ephyra.

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