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Operation: Lambent Insertion

Lambent Invasion


16 AE


Locust Hollow


unknown at this time


COG Remnants

Locust Horde


General Victor Hoffman

Queen Myrrah


Gears, Grindlifts

Drones, Boomers, Beserkers, Therons, Kantus


Unknown at this time

unknown at this time


Operation: Lambent InsertionEdit

Operaion: Lambent Insertion's objective was to drop a super Lightmass Bomb into the core of Sera, in wich the heart of the Lambent Infection is located, destroying the Lambent. It was also assumed that the resulting blast would be enough to blow through the Locust Hollow as well, killing both the Lambent and the Locust at the same time.

Known Squads That took part in the battleEdit

  1. Charlie-Seven | Lead by Sergeant Bernadette Mataki
  2. Delta-One | lead by Lieutenant Marcus Fenix
  3. Delta-Two | Lead by Sergeant Dominic Santiago
  4. Echo-Four | Lead by General Victor Hoffman
  5. Sigma-Two | Lead by Sergeant Ben Wolf


It is unknown at this time whether Operation: Lambent Insertion was a success as it is not yet completed.

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