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Pariah Tanshin
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

10 years Before Emergence Day

Date of Death

Still Alive

Marital Status




Physical Characteristics

6' 1"


120 lbs



Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information



Pariah Tanshin was a Private in the Coalition of Organized Governments ground forces, who fought on several separate occasions alongside Dominic Santiago and most notably during the Battle of Aspho Fields, where she went Missing In Action. The entire time however, she had to hide the fact she was a female do to large amounts of prejudice within the military.


Pariah is an average soldier, she fights hard and generally avoids anything too directly suicidal. She ignores most of her fellow soldiers bullshit, especially when her cover was foiled. Her skills and the fact she constantly protects her friends (almost like a mother) have earned her respect, but there are still those who hate her for simply being a girl.

Pariah's weapon of choice is the Gnasher shotgun, which she has proven herself proficient with. She can disassemble it, but is quite unskillful at putting it back together. Her secondary weapon is commonly a Snub pistol, and on occasion she has carried 2 (one as back up for the other, never dual-wielding).

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