Sarah was an extradinary pilot with extreme skill and talent. She was handy with two snub pistols but she was very weak ; she couldn't weild a heavy weapon.

General Life

Life for Sarah was adventure. She started with her pistols at 7 years old and learned to fly at 14. Her brother, Billy Low died at the hands of General RAAM, when the locust stormed her home town, Funkla. He was protecting her from harm when RAAM obliberated him with his Troika-MiniGun. Sarah then fired at RAAM, giving him a wound on his leg. RAAM limped away and Sarah vowed revenge.

The Lightmass Bomb and RAAM

On the train leading to the Imulsion Pit, Sarah flew a King Raven to protect Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago from Reavers, with her best friend, Pvt Bellomy, on board. She fired at the Reavers and Kryll protecting RAAM with the chain gun, eventually leaving him prone to Marcus's longshot. The lead went through RAAMs head and killed him. Sarah watched as Marcus set the Lightmass Bomb to detonate, as the train fell to the Hollow.

The sinking of Jacinto and Bellomy

Sarah was in the control room with the other pilots when Commander Hoffman confirmed the city needed to be evacuated. Sarah fought to the air pad with all her other pilots, including Gregory Forwitt, a legendary pilot. Sarah watched over all the COG battles when she saw her best friend, Bellomy, being chainsawed by one of the Elite Boomer Group. "No!" Sarah had screamed, she jumped into the Raven, flew down and picked up his remains. With the other Pilots, she escaped unscathed and returned to Funkla, to rest her adventure-weared body.

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