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The heaps of snow, scattered over the frozen glacier lake glistened under the fading sun as the lights from a grunite layered, security wall, beamed out from the watchtower nearby. An iced over sign that read Plantire Mining Corp., hung over the chain link fence near the entrance around the concrete wall. (Interission VI: Snowblind)


Originally funded by the Plantire Mining Corporation, the Plantire Immulsion Mining Station was the first compound in Glacier Valley to be established for the purposes in mining for Imulsion deposits somewhere under the crust of the Valley. It's location resides outside of Port Farrall, next to a glacier lake, opposite of Hurl Dam.


The compound consisted of a large pumping station, several, large metal buildings, including a massive maintenance building, and four large generators that were being powered from the collected, electrical output, surging from Hurl Dam.

The facility was long abandoned when the Locusts ravaged the land, until the urgency from the Hollow, followed after the Lightmass Offensive, subjected every possible Locust back to the stronghold, abandoning the station.

Shortly after the Locusts left, it soon became a Stranded militia stronghold, amassing supplies, armaments, vehicles, and weapons for roughly over a year. The station has since been converted into a fort, armed with chain gun turrets and watchtowers. It has become the central staging area for Moroses’ rebellion against the COG.

Snowblind Edit

Almost during the entire mission that lasted nearly a week, the Plantire Mining station was the primary objective for Sigma One. Sigma's Feral guide suggested that a major Stranded camp found refuge at the station, not realizing at the time that it was a massive staging area for a rebel militia. Because the COG's satellites couldn't make any schematics of the terrain, due to a device the Stranded use to jam satellite and radio frequencies to hide their location, COG Command had no intel concerning the threat, until Sigma discovered it.

Unable to make contact to warn Command of the rising threat, Sigma had to trek through the wilderness to gather intel about the compound and trek back to Fort Block, while combating Locusts outposts, evading the militia, and trying to stay alive in the hostile weather and freezing temperatures.

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