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Prometheus Aleksandur Chrysoz
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15th Brume, 26 B.E.

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Coalition of Ordered Governments

Union of Independent Republics

Prometheus Aleksandur Chrysoz was a Gorasni Gear who served in the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army during the war against the Locust. Originally a Major in the Union of Independent Republics Army, Prometheus was an infamous soldier among the Coalition, known for his numerous campaigns and victories. However, Prometheus was eventually captured and detained by the Coalition, only to escape on Emergence Day. With few options available to him, the reluctant Gorasni joined forces with the Coalition and became a Gear in its army.

Prometheus partook in multiple battles during the Locust War and later on, during the Lambent Pandemic. For a majority of that time, he led Sigma-Two, a infantry unit comprising of himself, Mercen Hadley Woodward and Green Tiberus Woodward and Nathanael Layne Darius.


Early LifeEdit

Prometheus was born twenty-six years before Emergence Day to the renowned Gorasni soldier Iapetus Chrysoz and Cylmene Annikov, in the Republic of Goranaya. Being the child of a Chrysoz, Prometheus' father rose him very strictly, planting the seeds of discipline in the young Prometheus' mind. He became deeply affected by his father's parenting, developing a militant form of conduct similar to his father's by his eighth birthday.

After thirteen years of training under his his father, a seventeen-year old Prometheus left Gorasnaya and joined the Union of Independent Republics under its infantry branch in the year 9 B.E.

The Pendulum WarsEdit

The Battle of Octus RowEdit

The Locust WarEdit

Emergence DayEdit

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit



Prometheus stood 6'3" feet in height and carried the trademark bulk of most Gears. For most of his adult life, Prometheus kept a trimmed goatee and buzz cut hair, but after years of fighting against the Locust, he spent less time maintaining his hair, resulting in a slightly-unkempt state.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • A picture of Prometheus.
  • Prometheus' combat armor during the Pendulum Wars.
  • A portrait of Prometheus.
  • The original incarnation of Prometheus was very similar to Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. That version of Prometheus was raised by monks up in the mountains who taught him the values of honor and discipline. But after some self-examination and reading the books, Prometheus' concept was deemed too flimsy and unfitting for the Gears of War Universe. His current form is more earthly and realistic than the last one.

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