UIR Soldier

Pvt. Brandon

Brandon was a UIR solder during the Pendulum War. He entered the War in the 78th year at the age of twenty-one. After E-day Brandon escaped his UIR country and fled to Jacinto to survive the Hammer of Dawn counter strike. To make sure he wasent attacked by the Cog he dident wear his helment so he wasent regenizable as a UIR. He carred with him a Retro Lancer, and the Locusts Hammerburst Assult rifle with a custum Bayent blade attached.

The Flooding of Jacinto

Brandon was able to escape Jacinto on an King Raven. The KR crashed landed on an chared UIR soil. Brnadon and the others of KR-315 created a couple of buildens out of the KR.

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