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Pvt Bellomy was a well known soilder among the COG, and he never gave up. He saved people many times. He was good willed and thought the world would one day be free of the grasp of locust. His weapon of choice was the Longshot. He mostly used his Boltok Pistol for his secondary weapon, but always carried a Lancer, even though he was hopeless with the chainsaw bayonet. He could fly a King Raven with ease but only did when he needed too.


Bellomy was sent on lots of missions, sometimes by himself. His hardest task was to assasinate General Forkla, Skorges brother, but Forkla could take out people barehanded and he captured him and locked him on a torture barge. Bellomy was one of the few people how didn't give in in the events of the torture. Bellomy stealthfully unlocked the door to his "prison" and broke his gaurds neck to pick up a Gorgon Pistol. With complete accuracy, Bellomy shot from below onto the barges control panel to make it crash next to another Barge with a Reaver on top. Bellomy escaped back to Jacinto where he waited patiently for another task.


Bellomy met his end protecting Commander Hoffman from the Elite Boomer SquadWith his Longshot he sniped the Rookie Butcher and no-scoped the flamer. But the Leader finished him off in the chainsaw battle. Bellomy's long and great life had ended. At his funeral, his best friend, Sarah, put his Longshot with him to give it a nickname among all COG, The Bell.

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