This article, Queen Raven, was written by Lieutenant Davis. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Queen Raven
ManufacturerColin Davis
PowerhouseCoaxial Rotors
Maximum Speed200 kph
  • One pilot
  • Two gunners
PassengersTwelve Gear
ArmamentTwo Mulchers
  • Assault
  • Carrier
  • Troop Transport
AffiliationCoalition of Ordered Governments

The Queen Raven is the unofficial designation for a series of ad hoc modifications to the standard King Raven helicopter made by Lieutenant Colin Davis in the aftermath of the Sinking of Jacinto. Used to supplement the incredibly limited number of King Ravens at Fort Perez, all Queen Ravens were manufactured from crashed, but still operable, airframes located around the city of Clayvale and the surrounding areas and are essentially stripped down versions of the mainline King Raven, featuring less armor and reduced armaments. While this makes them more vulnerable, it also gives them greater fuel efficiency, something that has become highly important in the Lambent Pandemic.

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