Quezzar isnt your ordinary sniper drone. Hes the fastest around. In his early childhood he always wanted to become the most skilled sniper all of Sera will ever see. He doesnt wear any upper armor in favor of even more speed. In trainig to join the locust army he would get so confident and cocky. But through trial and error hes become skilled,confident,but less cocky.

Quezzar took part in E-Day. He scaled the rooftops and sniped anyone he saw,all perfect headshots. He was even able to snipe some King Raven pilot. When all was thought to be clear he went out into the open. A random gear caught him by surprise and knocked Quezzar down. The gear mounted on top of Quezzar and started face punching him. Finally the gear grew tired and so quezzar kicked him and shot him in the head.

Quezzar haad children to think about, so he hurried back to the hollows and had a kantus monk heal him. Quezzar was destined to do more great things as he served alongside General RAAM in Illima, and even command his own sniper squad.

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