Rules (1)im in charge (2)all characters must be non-canon (3)godmodders get fed to the blood mounts (4)feel free to kill any of Echo-12 except LT.Howl(horribly injured is ok... no maiming) (5)no more than 4 squads can respond to the distress call (6)as far as vehicle support king ravens and APCs are allowed(no centaurs or any other tanks) (7)you can play as the locust and determine the size and movement of the locust force

intro - CIC in jacinto recieves a patchy distress signal that is as follows "control this is LT.howl of echo-12 we have encountered heavy locust forces and are currently taking heavy fire to our posistion. our CO mjr.croms is KIA tango-4. i'm requesting immediate extraction. we are currently holed up in the pharmacy of a supermarket 2 miles west of embry square.

what needs to happen - well you cant just leave those poor Gears to die so CIC is going to have to send someone to do something... that someone is you and that something is up to you

NOTES this my first article of any type so please dont be to critical... the events take place after the Lightmass offensive and before operation lifeboat and hollow storm... the roleplay has started and echo-12 will remain under attack in a pharmacy until someone does something to save them... or get them killed... there are 3 spots in echo squad sgt or lower that can be taken/killed by anyone so yeah...

the story

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