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Regnak Sur Vorsoika
Biographical Information
Date of Death

A.E. 15

Physical Characteristics




Miscellaneous Information

Hammerburst Assault Rifle emblazoned with the Trinity of Worms, Hammerburst II Battle Rifle emblazoned with a Crimson Omen, Gorgon SMG, Boltok Pistol, salvaged Mk. 2 Lancer Assault Rifle emblazoned with a Crimson Omen, salvaged Gnasher Shotgun, salvaged Snub Pistol, combat knife


Drone armor


Died in the Sinking of Jacinto


"Sniff out the Hominids! Slaughter them until these streets run thick with their blood!"
— Regnak Sur Vorsoika to his troops during the Siege of Madrigal in A.E. 4.

Regnak Sur Vorsoika was a low-ranking Locust officer who fought in the Locust War under the command of the Theron Guard Krishaag, and was known for his brutality and mercilessness. Regnak enjoyed killing his human foes in horrifyingly sadistic ways, and would not pass up an opportunity to treat a human to an especially agonizing death.


  • Regnak was easy to recognize, thanks to a large scar down the left side of his face and a Locust Horde insignia branded into his right forearm.
  • He replaced the standard handgrips on his Hammerburst rifles and Boltok revolver with grips made from human skin.
  • His Hammerburst rifles and Gnasher shotgun were his favorite weapons.

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