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Biographical Information
Date of Death

A.E. 4

Physical Characteristics




Miscellaneous Information

Hammerburst Assault Rifle, Boltok Pistol


Drone armor, goggles


Killed during the Siege of Madrigal


Regrurk was a brutal Locust soldier who fought in the early Locust War under the command of Regnak Sur Vorsoika. Regrurk was reclusive, and disliked interacting with other Locust. He rarely spoke, and when he did he said very little. Although he was unusually intelligent for a standard infantry Drone, his tight-lipped nature led his superiors to assume that he was just stupid and blindly obedient, though this could not have been further from the truth. Due to this misconception, he never rose very high in the Locust ranks.

His superiors' incorrect assumptions about his intelligence would eventually be his undoing, as during the Siege of Madrigal Regnak used him as bait for a trap without his knowledge. Regrurk was intentionally sent to scout an area which was heavily saturated with enemy troops. Regrurk soon figured this out, but it was too late, and he was already surrounded by the enemy. But to Regnak's surprise, Regrurk managed to hold out for several minutes against over a dozen Gears, skillfully using the variety of cover options presented by the ruins around him to give him an edge in the battle.

Regrurk eventually fell to a Gear's chainsaw bayonet, but he proved to be less expendable than Regnak had thought.

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