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The Renegades are a force of fierce Humans and Locusts that slaughter nearly anything.

Objective of the Renegades Edit

The Renegades objective is different of the Gears. The objective is to stay alive by any means. This includes killing family, eating others and stealing supplies. They are thieves, murderers and do not let anyone into their clan.

The Renegades Start Edit

The Renegades started when Lily Frissk killed her family over an arguement when she blinded herself with fury. She ran, finding an injured Samuel Gordons laying against a rock. She dragged him into the depths of Jacintos Platueas and set up camp. Over the next few weeks, people heard of the Renegades and joined them in Bloodthirsty rage.

Known Members of the Renegades Edit

Leader: Lily Frissk (Stranded) Lieutenants : Samuel Gordons (Gear), Kantus of Death (Kantus[DEAD]) Medics: Vaa'rggh (Grenadier), Terry Burke (Gear) Soldiers: Evan King (Stranded), Francis Hurf (Gear[DEAD]), Harry King (Stranded), Saa'ark (Boomer[DEAD])

Captured Creatures Edit

The Renegades have captured many Locust Creatures such as Corpsers and Seeders. They are captured by the Renegades causing distractions and then putting the Creatures to sleep. They then drag them away, chain them up and put them in cages.

Francis Hurf died from a Corpser getting loose. He was ripped apart. The Renegades then killed the Corpser. From that day, not as many creatures have been captured.

Armour Edit

Leader Armour: White Gears Armour. Lieutenants Armour: Black Kantus Robes Medic Armour: Red Gears Armour Soldiers Armour: Dark Leather Armour

The Gears Armour is stolen/taken then painted to make it look different. The Kantus Robes are also stolen/taken. The leather armour is created by Evan King

Weapons Edit

Assualt: Lancers, Hammerbursts. Sniper: Longshots. Pistol: Boltok Pistols, Snub Pistols. Shotguns: Gnashers. Big Guns: Troikas, Hammer of Dawn, Mortars. Melee: Tactical Knives, Nail Boards.

The Weapons are stolen and are in small numbers. If a small job needs to be done, Pistols or Melee Weapons are taken. Anything involving alot of enemies they take the bigger weapons.

Description of the Campsite Edit

The Campsite has a couple of Tents which is next to a river. They have a Shooting Range and Creature Area along with an Armoury and Food Area.

Battles Edit

Battle of Scars (Locust VS Gears VS Renegades) Imulsion Factory War (Lambent VS Stranded VS Gears VS Renegades) Battle of the Armory (Locust VS Gears VS Stranded VS Lambent VS Renegades)

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