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Samuel Filshire was a young man who lived in Tyrus during the early Silver Era. During his adolescence, Samuel fell in love with his childhood friend, Romily York.

When Samuel was 16, Romily wanted to explore the woodlands near her home, which their parents had told them never to enter. Samuel told her not to do so, but she called him a coward and went into the woods anyway, so he followed after.

Romily teased him for coming in after her, even though he said that he would not enter the woods under any circumstance. He explained that he followed her because he wanted to make sure that she did not get hurt, because he loved her.

However, the two teens were ambushed by an adolescent Corpser, and fled from the woods together. Samuel escaped unscathed, but Romily tripped at the last second and was brutally slain by the monstrous Locust creature.

Due to Romily's disappearance, Samuel was accused of murdering her in the woods, and was put to death, but his tale of what happened was passed down through the generations as the Legend of Romily. By the time of the Pendulum Wars, the story had been twisted and changed so much that it had essentially become a fictional fairy tale, which it was already considered to be.

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