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Scott Hawk
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Before E-Day

Date of Death


Marital Status

A girlfriend, Roxan Westly.

Physical Characteristics



174 lb





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information



Scott "Eagle Eye" Hawk is a COG foot soldier. He is an outstanding sniper. He will be featured in the series, "The Arabella Chronicles," as the main character.

Early LifeEdit

Scott Hawk was born to Robert and Martha Hawk sometime before E- Day. While he was two, his father was drafted as a COG Gear. He lost his life shortly afterwords in combat. His mother disappeared later. He was put in the Arabella Orphanage, where he would spend most of his childhood.

In the OrphanageEdit

For a long while, Hawk was an outcast among the boys around him. After taking the leader of a gang in a brief fight, Scott was accepted. The group of boys all wanted to be Gears, so they spent long hours together "training" and "playing war." At the age of 16, Scott signed the Gear roster, his simple dream come true.

A GearEdit

Hawk was severely wounded in his first "crowd control" mission. (A group of rioters attacked the capital of Arabella.) He was far from giving up, however.


Hawk was on- duty during E-day. At first, he had no idea what the Locust were and quickly took cover and hid. The leader of his squad was killed afterwords by sniper fire. Scott and his men ran and secured the Telebul library. The Locust invaded the building and killed every man in the squad. Hawk was then convinced that the Locust were invincible.

First KillEdit

Scott later learned that the locust weren't too strong.

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