Serk wearing his personel beast rider helmet

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BIOGRAPHY Serk was bred as a grenadier. Ever since he was young he dreamed to become a grenadier elite and be the strongest. As he grew he practiced harder and harder. When it came time for the grenadier training program he out performed everyone else. He was stronger and a bit bigger, and even smarter than a theron. From there he was promoted to grenadir elite and given a personel blood mount and beast rider helmet with the words MIGHTY SERK(written in locust) on it, for he did a great job and always went above and beyond the expectations of the Queen. At first sight of his brand new never before used shotgun he became instantly in love with it just like Ikara and wanted to keep it clean.

LIGHTMASS OFFENSIVE Seerk was born a couple days right after the lightmass offensive. But he did learn that his father, who was a grenadier, was killed when he was patrolling the Outer Hollows with other locust. The bomb detonated killing anyone in the outer hollows. Serks anger only grew toward the humans when he heard about that. When he heard of RAAM's death he was greatly impacted for he looked up to him.

FLOODING OF THE HOLLOWS Serk remained in the hollow while many locust were sent to breach the city of Jacinto. He remained to fight off lambent forces and to command his own troops.He ordered for snipers to be placed on higher levels for when the lambent arrived to try to take the palace. The lambent came and the snipers came and took care of most of them with well placed headshots. Serks squad and the lambent dones were now engaed in a battle. Serk mounted his blood mount and took out his shotgun. He flanked the lambent drones and popped them in the head until every single one was headless. "HAHAHH< I AM THE MIGHTY SERK", he shouted.Then the flood happened, drownig the majority of them. Somehow he made it out and soon became a savage grenadier elite. Him and all the survivng savage locust made it to the deadlands.Along the way they found a lambent zerker,which he recognized as his mom.Sorrowfully he killed her with a well placed shot with his boltok. After severla months in the deadlands and settling in, He became a high ranking officer.He trains savage grenadiers and helped with the building of their new home,and helps with the maintenance of their new home.

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