Shunta is a big, bulky Drone, almost the size of a Grenadier due to Elite training. He aims to be a Grenadier, but can't due to training and equipment restrictions. He looks up to Emesh, his bud, for support, but Emesh only looks down on him and tells him to do what he thinks will get him killed. Shunta is often confused by this, being another rookie, and usually almost dies from not taking cover, jamming weapons, planting frags incorrectly, etc. Without the guidance of Intell and Zarraek, he'd be dead right now. He only wants the approval of Emesh, though, so he usually only listens to what the latter has to say. He is an optimist, and will cheer the group up through rough times, though it even annoys the friendly Zarraek.


Shunta trained with Emesh in the Grenadier training program down in the Inner Hollow, but since he was not bred as a Grenadier, he could not meet the standards of the other bulkier Locusts, who upstaged him in the physical exams, much to his annoyance. He trained until now, bulking up his huge muscles so he could do what Grenadiers do, but he just met Emesh's bulk, so hiis position as a Grenadier is now void.

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