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Siege of Frallin

Swarm conflict


42 A.E.


Frallin, Tyrus

  • Strategic Swarm victory
    • Most of Frallin's population is taken
  • Tactical Confederation victory
    • Cofederation forces escape with only moderate casualties

Confederation of Ordered Governments

The Swarm


Captain Alphonse Rickbart

Full extent unknown
  • 95% of Frallin's populace killed or taken
  • 25% of present Confederation forces killed, wounded, or taken

The Siege of Frallin was the first recorded contact between the forces of the Confederation of Ordered Governments and the mysterious Swarm. After a number of mysterious disappearances along their border settlements, the Confederation stationed a number of troops in several of these border towns, including Frallin, a former Outsider settlement now under Confederation protection. Several days went by uneventfully under Confederate occupation before one night, when strange creatures began attacking the town. Many of the townspeople were snatched up and taken by bizzare, crustacean-like quadrupedal creatures, while the Gears were held at bay by brutish, inhuman bipeds carrying various firearms, many of Locust origin. The firefight in Frallin lasted until the break of dawn, when King Ravens arrived to extract the remaining Gears and townspeople and take them to Clayvale.

The Gears present at Frallin were extensively debriefed regarding the nature of their attackers, but ultimately the Confederation was unable to identify them until General Colin Davis received transmissions from Damon Baird confirming that the attackers were the Swarm, the resurgent Locust Horde.

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