Sierra Squad is a squad consisting of five members (Sergeant, Rifleman, Rifleman, Rifleman, Marksman), SSR (Squad Support Robot) and an APC. Also having one of the highest mortality rates in any squad so far, with only Charlie surviving the original roster, and Fourteen KIA and 9 MIA


Ex MembersEdit

  • Sgt. Harold Jumian (Deceased)
  • Sgt. Ardan Hert (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Alan Gret (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Paul Fergy (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Jack Forge (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Arnold Bunt (Heavily Wounded)
  • Pvt. Bret "Tungsten" Jertook (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Micheal Turner (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Thomas Jimmer (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Steve "Pete" Peterson (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Alan Rickshaw(Deceased)
  • Pvt. Mark Hidum (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Alexis Bertovich (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Jergov Mortiv (Deceased)
  • Pvt. Mika Nergov (MIA)
  • Pvt. Gergovia Mertov (MIA)
  • Pvt 2nd Class. Baltan Bert (MIA)
  • Pvt. Vertium Class (MIA)
  • Pvt 1st Class. Barry Suteman (MIA)
  • Pvt. Saul Gertman (MIA)
  • Pvt 1st Class. Paula Fertium (MIA)
  • Pvt. Susan Goyde (MIA)

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