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Unit Background

Squad that fought during the Lightmass Offensive, Operation: Hollow Storm, Siege of jacinto, and throughout the Lambent Invasion


4 members

Subordinate Units

Private Sven Brant, Private Valjymyr Flint, Private Sith Magana


Corporal Benjamin Wolf

Current Status




This squad was led by Corporal Benjamin Wolf.


Sigma-Two was formed 1 day before the beginning of the Lightmass Offensive. It consisted of 4 of the best Gears straight out of Basic; Sith Magana, the heavy weapons specialist; Sven Brant, the demolitions expert; Valjymyr Flint, the sniper; and Benjamin Wolf, the squad leader.

During the Lightmass offensive, Sigma-Two was deployed into Montevado to find a large weapons cache left over from the Pendulum Wars. While they were there, they ran into a new species of Locust

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