"break their legs and watch them crawl" Sin after crushing a lucust drone"s knee caps.


full name: Sin James Dremaren

height: 6ft 7in

weight: 150 Ibs

eye color: white

race: caucasion

sex: male

birth: 3 years before emergence day

Sin was born in the slums of jacinto. His parents gave him the name sin on acount of his unusual white eye color and shunned him for it. He later left the city and traveled to refuge camps set up by the coalition. he purchased goggles to hide his eyes from the people in the camps so that he could possibly be spared from the ridicule. he soon after joined the coalition and fought by his sqaud to the end. His sqaud included Knight, Grouse, Ruckkt, and Ren.They were ambushed and slaughtered but ren and sin managed to make it out of the attack. ren suffering from trauma of seeing his first Corpser and moderate blood loss died in an abandon house while Sin radioed in for a med evac that wouldnt come.Sin there decided to leave the coalition and return to a life of scavenging and fighting for survival. His whereabouts and condition are unknown


Sin dosent need freinds and dosent want them he has no morals thinking that all life is pitifull and pointless. he is typicaly a quiet boy not engaging in speech evn when being insulted or asked questions. He takes pride in the fact that he has overcome the need for emotion often saying "happiness and sadness are for the blind that let feelings cloud their mind,and then to be even more blind of seeing the truth"

editors thoughts: i personaly like this character more than my others beacause he reminds me of riddick and well riddick is a beast. thanks if you red all this

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