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The Soiprut Incident was an event which occurred in 42 A.E. involving the Confederation of Ordered Governments and the nation of Brazeria. A Brazerian trading convoy en route to Clayvale suddenly disappeared in the dead of night in the abandoned Ostrini town of Soiprut after reporting that they believed they were being followed. Brazeria immediately accused the Confederation of taking their troops captive and stealing their equipment, and demanded an immediate return of their men, equipment, and goods, while the Confederation claimed that the disappearances must have been staged by elements of Brazerian government unhappy with the trade agreement between Brazeria and the Confederation. While this disagreement did not break out into open hostility, it did bring about a cessation of trade between the two powers.

It would only be after the Siege of Frallin and contact between General Colin Davis and Damon Baird that it was discovered that the Swarm were responsible for the disappearances, and trade between the Confederation and Brazeria began once more.

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