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Solomon Irotaka
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

B.E. 12

Date of Death

A.E. 15

Marital Status

Married Ayu Liyuka in A.E. 9

Physical Characteristics

6 feet, 5 inches





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information





Mk. 2 Lancer Assault RifleGnasher ShotgunSnub Pistol, handmade multipurpose knife


COG Body Armor


Coalition of Ordered Governments Army501st Legion


KIA as of A.E. 15


Corporal Solomon Irotaka was a Northerner farmboy who joined the COG Army in A.E. 7. He was a competent and level-headed soldier, but he struggled with on-and-off bouts of depression, as well as moderate PTSD. These issues would gradually become worse as time went on, as he was struck by tragedy after tragedy, until he eventually lost his mind.


Early LifeEdit

Life Before E-DayEdit

Solomon was the oldest son of Joanes Irotaka, a moderately wealthy Northerner farmer. Solomon lived a cozy and rather sheltered lifestyle, well-protected from the violence that struck much of the South Islands when the UIR invaded in B.E. 4.

After E-DayEdit

His father's farm was decimated on E-Day, and only Solomon and a handful of farmhands survived. Solomon was forced to become a worker on the farm of his father's business competitor, where he worked long, hard hours for next to nothing.

Joining the ArmyEdit

Worn thin by life as a farmhand, Solomon soon decided that he would become a Gear as soon as he was old enough. Though things didn't work out quite the way he had hoped, he still enlisted, albeit at age 19.

On The Front LinesEdit

"I was ecstatic. I was free again. If only I had known what I was heading into. Part of myself, a big part, died inside of me while I was out there."
— Irotaka reflecting on his first experiences as a Gear.

Initially relieved to be away from his job as a farmhand, his attitude quickly changed as he was thrust into the soul-crushing horror that was the front lines of the Locust War.

Urban Fighting in AldkirkEdit

"For me, "Aldkirk" has been forever synonymized with Hell."
— Irotaka on the Battle of Aldkirk.

Irotaka first saw combat in the Battle of Aldkirk in late A.E. 7. Aldkirk was a rookie's worst nightmare. Aldkirk, formerly a massive city, was reconstructed after E-Day as a moderate-sized settlement over the ruins of its previous self. As a result, much of the city was a desolate urban wasteland, full of broken gas lines and electrical cables, as well as hazardous chemicals and flammable liquids. The structures that still remained standing were often unstable, and the streets were lined with enemy snipers. It was an environment in which seasoned Gear NCOs struggled to keep their wits about them, and for new Gears like Solomon, it was Hell on Earth. A considerable portion of Solomon's squad was killed off early on in the battle, including Jacob Mallen, an Aldkirk native who lost control of his temper and charged out into the open only to have his head immediately blown off by a sniper, and Thomas Ald, a young father who lost his composure while being firebombed by Grenadiers and was stuck with an incendiary grenade. Solomon managed to survive Aldkirk, but it was almost entirely thanks to his squad's leader, who ultimately sacrificed himself to allow Solomon to live.

Trench Combat in AretheaEdit

"Trench fighting is hot, smelly, dirty, and claustrophobic. And muddy... 'Cept it's not usually mud per se... It's blood mud. It gets everywhere, too."
— Solomon describes trench warfare.

Junora MassacreEdit

"The bloody coward of an officer deserted us, and took the bloody truck that had all of our rations, ammo, and comms. I'm surprised anyone made it out of that city alive, considering how deep in the shit we were."
— Irotaka reflecting on the Junora Massacre.

Siege of HeloniaEdit

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder DiagnosisEdit

Returning to the South IslandsEdit

In late A.E. 9, a depressed Solomon returned to his home island. He found his home and the farm where he worked to have been mostly destroyed by the Locust. He wandered around the island, depressed and disconnected from reality, until he finally passed out at the side of a road.


Love At First SightEdit
"So this is what angels look like..."
— Solomon's first words to Ayu.


Back on DutyEdit

Solomon Returns HomeEdit


Ayu's gruesome fate.

Life as a Career SoldierEdit

Operation: Hollow StormEdit

Assault on LandownEdit
In the HollowEdit

Personality & TraitsEdit

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