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"I will kill the Locust in such a way that even the reaper's stomach will turn."
— Steven Pliskin.
Steven Pliskin
Steven Pliskin
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Unknown; Before E-Day

Marital Status

Unnamed Wife


Unnamed Wife, Unnamed Son, David Pliskin (Father), Alice Pliskin (Younger Sister), Martin Pliskin (Younger Brother), Three Unnamed Nephews or Nieces (Alice's Children)

Physical Characteristics

6ft 1in






Southern Islander

Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information





MK.1 Lancer, Sawed-off Shotgun


Padded Coat, Incendiary Grenades


Pendulum Wars, Emergence Day, Locust War






Sgt. Steven Pliskin was a Gear soldier during both the Pendulum Wars and the Locust War. Following E-Day, he and his father, David Pliskin, organized the defense of Algangi and set up the Algangi Farms as well as the Algangi Militia, which he is the second-in-command of, to feed and protect the civilians.

Personality & Traits Edit

Steven is a statuesque individual who stands 6ft 1in in height. As his muscular physique suggests, Steven is a strong man who is more than fit to make up for the MK.1 Lancers weaknesses against the Locust Horde. For one he can slice through the thick Locust hide with the bayonet attachment at close-range without much trouble, something other Gears complained about following E-Day. He can also bench-press more than twice his own body weight. In terms of clothing, Steven wears a pair of weather-beaten trousers not unlike Stranded clothing and a modified trench coat of the same dull yellow color. The coat had a special gel layer added to further its defensive attributes. When in battle he simply buttons it closed.

Like his father before him, Steven is a man who believes strongly in the belief of doing "what must be done". Many have remarked that he is, in fact, a younger, fitter and stronger imitation of his father; with many militiamen claiming that Steven is the most like his father out of the three Pliskin siblings. This goes beyond imitation however. Steven is driven by his hatred for the Locust while at the same time duty to the people he grew up beside and fought to defend during the Pendulum Wars. War had made him hard and unrelenting, a trait he turns towards any attacking Locust or Stranded with equal ferocity.

His attitude to the Stranded population is mixed, though he is known to usually ignore them because of trade links with Algangi's people so as not to cause his people unneeded suffering. He ignores them because he is usually the leader of any trading operations to Galangi or foraging efforts on other islands, which makes him the closest thing Algangi have to a "representative".

Like all militiamen, Steven carries a MK.1 Lancer that dates back to the Pendulum Wars in conjunction with a Sawed-off Shotgun for larger, more toughened creatures of the Locust horde. He is also a very skilled pilot and can fly a Tern attack chopper in extreme weather conditions and still hit his target without trouble. Brutal and daring, Steven isn't afraid of getting up close and personnel with the Locust.

Biography Edit

Pendulum Wars Edit

E-Day Edit

Lightmass Offensive Edit

Mission to Algangi Edit

Main Article - Gears of War: Rising Scions Chapter 2 - Mission to Algangi.

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Steven's character never existed in the original draft of the story. The entire Algangi sub-plot never existed either until more information was released through the comics and later games.

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