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Subservient Republics of Queenridge
Political information
Type of government

Federal democratic socialist republic

Societal information

Ramea, Tsoravia

Official language

USR Mark

National holiday
Historical information
Formed from
  • Former COG assets
  • Abandoned independent states
Date of establishment

17 AE

"We established the Republic with liberty and welfare in mind. It is undeniable that any state would, in theory, be forced to go against the will of its people one way or another, but we will — nay, we must — go beyond all expectations if we are to restore a vanished illustriousness."
— Anonymous USE councilman, circa 22 AE

The Subservient Republics of Queenridge (SRQ), colloquially referred to as the Republic or Queenridge, is a prominent Human federated government. It was formed during the waning years of the Emergence War in the wake of the Coalition of Ordered Government's downfall.


Considered by many to be an "improved," spiritual successor to the Coalition, the SRQ is most acclaimed for its successful efforts to revive the lost glory of Humanity. Additionally, the Union successfully and defiantly pioneered the fields of extensive space travel, colonization, and networking.

Beyond major, singular achievements, however, the Republic boasts a history of continual public approval, whereas the consistently harsh policies of the COG purportedly demeaned and angered much of its citizenry. While the Republic is, at times, forced to enforce rather austere edicts, they are known to be enacted solely for the scenario at hand.




An outpost abandoned by the Stranded. It would later be the site of Ramea's founding.

After the successfully launched COPRIET pathogen, an artificially engineered biological weapon, eliminated much of the remaining Locust population, Lambent and otherwise, Sera's seven billion surviving Humans were left without a leading force; the COG was disbanded a year prior to the war's closing, and the greatest remnant of the Union of Independent Republics was decimated in 17 AE by the Siege of Colerain.

In the waning days of 17 AE, a modest group of approximately two thousand individuals took indefinite refuge on a small plateau on the western coast of the continent Valsair. They named their small settlement Ramea, an homage to an archaic god of sustenance.


Main article: SRQ Defense Forces
The Subservient Republics of Queenridge Defense Forces, commonly abbreviated as the SRQ-DF, comprises the entirety of the Republic's military assets. It actively maintains six major branches: the Army, Navy, Space Corps, Special Operations, and Gendarmerie. In the years preceding 41 AE, an air force also existed, though it was split among the Army and Navy as per a series of reorganizational doctrines.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Before a change of plans, the author intended for the UIR to have a resurgence in power after the war, though various reasons led to a change in the final decision.

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