Biographical Information
Date of Birth

Before E Day

Date of Death

15 A.E.

Physical Characteristics



8.5 ft



Miscellaneous Information

Hammerburst, Blade of Syrath, Gnasher shotgun






Syrath the 'Immortal' was a Palace Guard who fought during the Locust War gaining the name 'Immortal' after suffering many injuries and surviving , he fought many battles in the name of the Queen since the start of E day until the Sinking of Jacinto were he lost faith in the Locust Queen and was driven insane by the fighting until his death.

E-day and beyondEdit



Syrath started off as a Drone, fighting hard and slaughtering his foe after emerging from the Hollow and extremely enjoyed the slaughter of humans and COG taking skinned skull trophies and weapons. As the Locust began their massive raids and attacks, Syrath's trophy collection grew and he longed for new quarry to slaughter. Syrath wanted new prey, stronger prey. Something that proved a challenge, not weak petty Gears. Soon he found new quarry, he had heard of the elitist Theron Guard. He new they would prove a challenge and while the elite Locust were looting Syrath tossed a blade towards one and shouted a challenge to him, the guard laughed at such a claim and charged Syrath only to be blocked and decapitated swiftly by Syrath who skinned his removed head and placed it on his trophy wracks before taking the guards armour.

Leading his forces against the COG on several fronts, Syrath gained the name 'Immortal' after surviving attacks and wounds that would have felled his fellow Locust quickly but continued to fight and gain more trophies, a simple life of killing was all that Syarth wanted and the humans provided much entertainment than the Lambent had. Syrath and his forces accompanied those of General RAAM's forces as they continued to attack the humans after the Hammer of Dawn strikes.....

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