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"…and Mother Sera will remedy those whom have defiled her…man will be held accountable." (Snowblind)


Although Tamar's early history is for the most part unknown, it has been long speculated that Tamar was a casualty of some inhumane experimentation, resulting in a great malice against the COG, even though it was the COG that soon cracked-down on such studies.

Feral Edit

Tamar has mostly been identified as the ruthless Matriarch of a militant, Feral clan, known as the Harpies. It is this clan that has long given the Feral a bad rap for decimating Stranded colonies, ambushing and killing Gear scouts, and taking women and girls to increase their numbers. Since then, the elder "Reverend Mother" Paroux, leader of the Feral clans of the valley, soon banished Tamar and the Harpies from entering their sanctions, while trying to establish some alliance with the COG for the sake of salvaging what was left of humanity.


By chance, Sigma squad eventually came across the Harpies clan during their excursion in the wilderness. To protect Sigma from being killed, Raven supplied Tamar vital information concerning the whereabouts of the COG forces, and offered one of her "breeders" a seed from one of the Gears to help re-populate their numbers.

Despite tense negotiations, Raven managed to leave the clan with the Gears of Sigma, unharmed, however, Raven was soon suspicious of Tamar's demeanor and her interest in their objective. It was soon discovered that Tamar had actually betrayed the clans of the Valley by leading the Stranded militia, led by a disgruntled Gear, Morose to their locations. As a result, the militia killed the women and children, with only a few whom managed to escape the onslaught.

Raven also unexpectedly discovers that Tamar may in fact be her "biological" mother, forcing Raven to question everything that she ever knew, concerning her true "roots."

Personality and Traits Edit

Tamar is, for the most part, brutal, exacting, and conniving.

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